7 Approaches to Fix TV With No Sound [+ Additional Tips]

Suppose you are having a relaxing and sedative evening with your loved ones while watching your favorite show on TV.

However, suddenly you notice that there is no sound and everything is muted. You must be wondering why the sound stopped working on your TV but the display, on the other hand, is fine?

Well, in this article we are going to present numerous reasons which are responsible for issues liable to a TV with no sound. We have explained the issues one by one for a profound interpretation and a successful TV repair.

Check Whether the TV is Muted

Many times the issue can be irrelevant and you must have just muted your television. However, make sure to check whether that is the cause. If the reason behind it is so, then just press the unmute button from your remote control for an easy fix.

Turn off SAP (Secondary Audio Programming)

SAP is a feature that is included by various TV shows for a non-English speaking audience. This will essentially help you to watch TV in a language other than the original one. And thus, this can be another reason why your TV sound may have stopped working. To turn SAP off, follow the steps as cited below.

  • Turn on your TV
  • Press the Menu button from your remote
  • Click on Audio from the available options
  • Now, select the SAP or MS option and change the setting to Off. Change the option to Stereo or Mono from the list.

Turn Off Your TV and Turn It On Again

Many a time, this can be an easy way to resolve audio issues on your TV. All you have to do is turn off your TV and then turn it on again. You can also turn off all the electricals that are connected to it and turn it on again. This includes the cable box and the other machinery connected to it.

Hardware Failure

If you determine that the reason for your TV sound issue is hardware then it is better to choose between repairing and replacing the TV. Apart from that, if you think that it needs some serious servicing then check whether it's under warranty period. As the original warranty or extended warranty with it can cover the entire cost of repair as well.

Any hardware issue is hard to fix by oneself and if you are no tech-geek, you’ll do good if you leave the repairing to the professionals. Avail our services for TV repair Dubai and get all hardware or software issues of your TV fixed in no time.

Cable Wires

Another reason why you may suffer from such conflict is a corrupted cable. As we all know, cable boxes are required for a successful connection between cable boxes, receivers, speakers and other input as well as output sources.

Using an incorrect or problematic cable can cause a lack of audio thereby resulting in no sound. However, cables vary with the TV sets and it is important to refer to the equipment user’s guide to learn what type is suited for your TV.

Selection of Speakers

A normal display but no sound can also be a result of an incorrect selection of speakers. However, if such is the case, all you have to do is modify the settings accordingly. For that, make sure to follow the steps specified below.

  • First of all, select the “menu” option from the TV remote.
  • Go to Sound>TV speaker
  • Now, set it to “On”.

This must solve your issue with the audio conflict almost instantly.

External Hardware

Another reason why you may encounter such audio failure can be problems with the hardware. To be more precise, let's take an example of a speaker malfunctioning while connecting an external speaker to the TV. In many instances, removing or modifying the speaker settings can restore the audio functionality. However, refer to the equipment user’s guide for more information.

Additional Tips

While the actions cited above should solve the audio problem of your Television, there are some other tweaks that may help you get rid of this easily. Here are some other steps you can follow for an effective TV repair if the problem still persists.

  • Try to turn the volume up.
  • Look for any external connection like headphones.
  • See whether this problem is associated with any particular channel. Try changing the channels if such is the case.
  • Check whether the audio input is correct or not.
  • Look for Demo mode activation.
  • Check whether this particular problem is happening to the TV only. Thus, make sure to check for its audio after connecting the DVD player.
  • If nothing works, try to perform a Test tone function. This may help you verify the functionality of the speaker easily.
  • Many a time, the problem may be a result of incorrect audio input selection on the A/V receiver. Thus, it is important to select the correct audio input to resolve this issue without any hassle.

Reach Us For Help

Watching your favorite TV shows without any audio can bothersome. The methods mentioned above would solve your issue almost instantly. However, if not, then you can call us at 042053349, for excellent TV Repair Dubai services or mail us at [email protected] for our assistance. Please let us know whether these solutions were helpful for you or not in the comments. Share this article if you liked it.

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